Mobile Application Development
iMentors has an extensive expertise in Mobile Application development and system level Re- Engineering works. We have worked on various platforms in the mobile application and system space. We have been engaged by our customers in system and embedded development, application development and product level testing.

  • We design mobile apps for industry, business, education, including enterprise mobile applications and solutions.
  • We develop mobile utilities and firmware that leverage hardware potential and optimize software performance.

    The mobile apps designed by iMentors are optimized to fit the multitude of purchasable smartphone and handheld devices, as they:

  • Do not drain the battery life.
  • Efficiently utilize CPU and memory capacity.
  • Consider screen size and resolution specifics.
iMentors has dedicated Mobile Development and QA Departments accommodate a sufficient pool of mobile devices that support multiple mobile operating systems and allow scrupulous testing of smooth design and sustainable performance of apps regardless of processor speed, memory capacity, resolution, display size, dimensions and other physical parameters.

Coupled with a rigorous, yet transparent to the client, project management approach, we guarantee the delivery of a full cycle professional, an elaborate development service and intuitive, full-featured, stable mobile apps for work, leisure, education and travel.
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