Wired Data Communication

The wired data communication still dominates most of the communication means used in the modern world. The frequently emerging new standards remain a challenging task for the product companies working in this area. This is where iMentors can help companies in overcoming these challenges effectively and efficiently.

We offer protocol implementation and customization with time and cost saving methods according to the vendor's needs. iMentors provide excellent services to product companies that operate in 802.3 switching devices and Carrier Ethernet devices including Routers. Some of the solutions provided by iMentors to the product companies operating in this area are listed below:

  • Layer 2 Protocols
  • Layer 3 Protocols
  • Routing Protocols
  • TCP Protocols
  • Device drivers
  • CLI Engine
  • Web Interface
  • SNMP Interface
Apart from providing protocol solution, we help the companies in the respective CLI and SNMP agent extensions for the protocol module. We also provide a very intuitive and faster web interface to configure and manage the devices. Our Interoperability testing against the similar product in the market helps the customer reduce their time-to-market by a considerable amount.

Wireless Data Communication

iMentors has been in the wireless data communication industry as well. We offer 802.11 wireless securities, we helped our several customers in implementing a variety of security and authentication protocols according to their corresponding needs. iMentors also provides for implementation of RADIUS, TACACS+ and DIAMETER. Our expertise in customization of the wireless MAC layer has successfully helped the customers in implementing the custom authentication methods which in turn in turn eventually helped them in winning a big market.

Network Management Systems

A network is a complex entity which needs a great deal of attention. The network complexity and volume is increasing day by day which brings Network Management Systems (NMS) into limelight. One of the main goals of Network Management is to make operations more efficient and operators more productive. NMS/EMS systems is a necessity for all Telecommunication and Network device manufacturing companies to effectively manage their devices, which also adds greater value to their products. This is where iMentors can provide support to the companies in creating and maintaining their own NMS applications.

iMentors has a vast experience in developing and managing SNMP based and MODBUS (HMI) based EMS systems for telecommunication companies and mission critical deployments for their different product line supports especially in Configuration and Fault managements. We also have in-house NMS development tools like MIB browser and SNMP agent simulator, which help to reduce the cost and increase the productivity.
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