Staff Augmentation
There is an increasing drive to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies through technological innovation. This naturally translates into a growing number of IT projects, where success or failure of a business can often hinge on the ability to complete these projects on time, within budget, and to specification. Developing in house capabilities to complete these projects can be a costly and risky venture, particularly when the IT needs of an organization are constantly changing. Moreover, in today's business world where falling behind the curve of IT innovation can lead to disaster, very few companies have static IT needs. Even companies who are content with IT business as usual can easily find themselves relying on outdated legacy systems which, upon failure, could cripple a business. When companies look for outside help in completing IT projects, they are generally considering two delivery models: staff augmentation and project outsourcing.

IT Staff Augmentation

iMentors will allow a company to add staff as needed through its superlative IT staff augmentation where resources are employed by our firm. A company can then benefit by easily ramping up and down to meet changing demand without shouldering the cost and liabilities of full time employees, with 24/7 support extended by iMentors.


While you associate with iMentors' staff augmentation and project outsourcing processes, your company will benefit in the following ways:
  • Control over staff: When there is a need to closely manage resources, staff augmentationprocess will suit your needs effectively.

  • Integration with internal processes: Companies can find it more effective to integrate staff augmentation resources with existing business processes than to align those processes with external project teams. After all, an individual can adapt more quickly to the processes of an organization than two separate organizations can align with each other.

  • Leverages existing resources: By adding new skill sets to the team, a company can take advantage of both external and internal resources for the completion of their IT projects.

  • Specialist expertise: When project team gaps mainly consist of specialized skills, staff augmentation can efficiently fill those gaps.

  • Rapidly changing staffing needs: Companies with staffing needs in constant flux can tie with iMentors and meet those needs through staff augmentation. It will be relatively easy to add/subtract resources to match demand.

  • Reduce cost of acquiring skills: iMentors will help you avoid the cost of investing in internal skill development.

  • Reduce employer burdens: iMentors will help you avoid costs and liabilities of direct employees.

  • Meet aggressive project timelines: When an active project has a need for more resources in order to be completed on time, staff augmentation is typically the best option, and we are the best for this service.

  • Internal acceptance: Existing employees often times embrace a staff augmentation model more than a project outsourcing model. iMentors will ease the process for you so your Existing employees are less likely to feel threatened by augmenting staff with a few individuals than by outsourcing entire projects.

  • Ease of adoption: It's easier to adopt a staff augmentation model than a project outsourcing model. Companies are already used to hiring employees. When you avail out Staff augmentation services, we make it seem like just a small shift from what companies already do.
  • Can still be training intensive: Although companies avoid the cost of training staff augmentation resources in the skills they are bringing to the table, there may still be training involved in bringing resources up to speed with the company processes, tools, and general domain knowledge.

  • Reliance on internal processes: If there are flaws in internal processes, staff augmentation resources will be affected negatively by these just as internal employees. Companies with process flaws are typically not going to enjoy the benefits of implementing industry best practices through staff augmentation.

  • Lack of economies of scale: As a company's need for more resources grow, the cost structure doesn't typically improve in a significant fashion, since resources are added incrementally and rates are typically negotiated on a per resources basis.

  • Management overhead: Adding resources through staff augmentation will increase management overhead due to the increased need to supervise the growing number of staff augmentation resources.

  • Resource centric model: Ultimately the goal of staff augmentation is to deliver results. While using a quality staff augmentation firm will aid in the delivery of those results, the responsibility for the results stays within the company when using a staff augmentation model. Companies are purchasing resources, ideally high quality resources, but not results. Companies remain responsible for planning and managing the project, tasks, resources and deliverables.

  • Employee vs. contractor distinction: Companies shoulder the burden of ensuring that their staff augmentation resources cannot be construed as employees.
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