The singular function of training is to produce change. It is the upgrading of a person's skill or the addition of a new skill, which in turn can bring about the desired change an organization or person is seeking. Training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies. It is important to understand that training in and of itself cannot motivate a work force. However, it is an integral part of what is needed to accomplish the long-term goals of the organization or an individual.

We provide Technical and Management trainings (On site and off site). Our courses enable best practice expertise to be transferred to innovative professionals in the public and private sector, including those in technology transfer offices, researchers, company R&D professionals and government bodies.

iMentors has offered practical hands-on training for Professionals - people who want to write their own success story. As a trusted name in career trainings, we offer a wide range of programs nationwide, emphasizing industry-specific skills which employers look for, in today's competitive job market.

To help professionals achieve their career aspirations, we hire instructors who have relevant experience in the programs they teach, and who are dedicated to helping candidates reach their highest potential. Their backgrounds are filled with real-world experience, working in the field, which means industry-specific learning skills from experts.

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